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6 Ways Theater Can Be Useful to You in The Corporate World

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Article by FyG Consultores – Image source: Pexels

People develop key traits in theater that can help them succeed as entrepreneurs and in the corporate world in a manner where they can empower themselves to express, connect, and grow. Here are the six main traits that tend to be acquired:

Theatre is refined expressions of basic human emotions:

Some describe it as an inclination to empower, project stories, gain strength from favorite characters, or create meaning through narratives and metaphors. When children act out actual or imaginary characters from cartoons on TV, we see this instinct expressed openly. We deal with emotions in a creative and human way through varied exercises. True and honest learning is steered by theatre, which promotes collaborative thought and debate while allowing individual expertise to thrive.

Theatrical training aids in the development of listening skills to various aspects of a discussion and understanding colleagues in a variety of professional situations:

When we watch a film, we learn what occurs when there is a lot of drama, disputes, or fights between characters, and what happens when they are resolved. Some theater exercises help us improve our ability to envision the consequences of our personal and professional decisions. For example, the theater activity ‘Over Expression’ teaches people to be more mindful of their body language and expressions, which could unintentionally harm a colleague.

Theater brings people from all cultures together:

Corporate training in theatre is not about sitting through presentations or doing things on your own. Here, people join together through various exercises, seeing and contemplating beautiful, thought-provoking, hilarious, touching, and even empowering acts, plays, and engagements. Theater brings people together to emote and share their thoughts, bringing huge changes in an individual and in an corporation as a whole in an age when most of our communication is done through technology.

Theatre improves attention, encourages creative thinking, and spontaneity:

Theater sets a new benchmark for education that engages not just the mind but also the heart and body. Theater’s sheer passion, open-endedness, and participatory character unleash creative energy and leads one toward spontaneous expression. This expression’s awareness and alertness are immediately channeled to work. It also promotes more flexibility, team cohesion, creative answers, and self-esteem.

Theater increases your willingness to take risk:

A theater performance, by definition, compels you to walk into the spotlight and risk failure. People don’t go to the theater to see performers accomplish everyday things, and investors only gamble on entrepreneurs willing to take extraordinary risks. Actors put themselves in unusual situations and do the best they can with the resources they have — the epitome of entrepreneurship. And no matter how prepared and polished a piece is, live theater always has an element of the unknown, like a wardrobe accident; but as any good entrepreneur would do, he/she would keep dancing.

Theater helps in selling:

Being an entrepreneur is like going to tryouts every day. Sales pitches/auditions with investors, clients, distributors, staff, and consumers abound in the first few years. In theater you get hundreds of opportunities to pitch (and get rejected) at a single store sample event. When you hear someone else deliver a sales presentation, you can tell if they’ve had theatrical training because their voice is confident, they don’t get nervous, and they’re willing to laugh at themselves. Getting rejected on a sales call can’t be as embarrassing as failing on stage – the crowd is usually smaller, and the lights aren’t as bright.  As well, a strong sales speech should include some flair — whether it’s through humor, emotion, or both, clients still enjoy hearing a tale that resonates.

Hopefully after looking at these traits and skills, it will inspire you to try theater, to help you succeed in the corporate world. Theater will encourage you to express yourselve freely, improve talent, bring people together, foster creativity and spontaneity, and impact how you think and feel about your own live.


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