You are currently viewing Acquiring self-awareness and communication skills – The Italian Pilot
Acquiring self-awareness and communication skills - The Italian Pilot

Acquiring self-awareness and communication skills – The Italian Pilot

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Interview from L’Albero

From the 26th of October to the 23rd of November, L’Albero, in collaboration with Materahub, realised in Gravina di Puglia (Italy) at the urban lab “Officine Culturali – Hortus”, the EntreTheatre Italian Pilot to test the EntreTheatre training methodology designed to develop, through the theatre, the entrepreneurial competencies of aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals.

15 training hours involved a group of 25 people selected through a call by the project partner Materahub. 5 encounters of 3 hours each, during which the trainers addressed topics like self-awareness, team building, coping with uncertainty and efficacy communication.
For the participants, this has been the opportunity to take an innovative and engaging training course to acquire those entrepreneurial skills that will help them better approach the labour market.

We interviewed one of the pilot’s participants, Filippo, for direct feedback on his direct training experience.

Hi Filippo. What competencies and tools have you acquired through our training course?

Attending this training course, I definitely acquired self-awareness and self-confidence, but I have also learnt how to get into the game, work with others and draw lessons from experience.

Was the training activity carried out differently than you expected?

In the beginning, I had meagre expectations. I have already found myself in similar contexts, and I took it for granted that I would repeat the same experience. Instead, I started gladly attending classes right away, meeting amazing people, like the trainers who gave me so much, especially on a human level.

What aspect of the lessons engaged you more?

The activities that engaged me more were the ones that pushed me to get into the game and relate with people that I didn’t know. I  must say that I found out I am a good speaker.

How what you learnt could be helpful for you?

Actually, what I have learnt thanks to this experience is already coming in handy because I have started putting it into practice at work. I’m a teacher and know how meaningful relationships and communication are daily. Not only at work. I think that learning how to manage your thoughts before communicating them or knowing or trusting who you are dealing with are essential life aspects in general.

Are you going to deepen the method that has been transmitted to you?

Absolutely yes. I believe that performative activities are the right way to train an individual on a human and professional level. After all, getting into the game with a theatrical scene is like opening up to the world. Furthermore, you are learning through the play and…

What could be more enjoyable and educational?

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