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Coping with Uncertainty – Entre Theatre Workshop

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Article by Spektrum

Eleven young adults had the opportunity to discover some of their hidden skills on our Entre Theatre Workshop. Based on what the C1 experience provided to our trainer, she led the participants through all the six modules. These have been presented through six different sessions and worked through each of them using mind, body and voice.

After a brief presentation of the project and its aims, the workshop started by focusing on the individual within the Self Awareness related activities.

Following the discussion about their feelings and emotions, group members turned towards each other and with a well-designed exercise they got to experience on how a whole group can act as one entity.

Coping with Uncertainty was the next topic in line, through which young adults managed to learn that one way of handling uncertainty is to keep going even if you don’t know where you are going.

The third session introduced the 6 thinking hats methodology, through which participants were trying to guess each other’s roles, gaining a good insight into how important it is to have everybody of the 6 (rationality, control, pessimism, creativity, emotions, optimism) positions involved to achieve good results.

Mingle to a Party” and the “Marketplace” role play activities were to introduce the topic of spotting opportunities.  Having different tasks to fulfil in order to meet the received roles, individuals and teams alike had to follow different strategies and approaches which boosted their hidden skills.

Through this ravishing experience – as participants had characterised their time spent at the workshop – they had the opportunity to reveal some hidden skills which they were not aware of.

They were so thrilled and enthusiastic about their involvement that they promised to spread the word about the programme when and wherever the opportunity arises. Theatre innovative training materials and techniques are answering a real need, which can help the personal development of a variety of target groups (not only of those unemployed) and can be used in diverse life and professional contexts.

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