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EntreTheater put to the test

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Article by FO-Aarhus

In the danish multiplier event for the EnterTheater project we decided to pool together our resources to create a big event disseminating more projects at the same time. FO-Aarhus teamed up with the theatre school Move’n Act and the event was organised in their locales.

The idea was to invite young theatre students, professional actors and educators to an afternoon of theatre improvisation and relevant information about what theatre can be used for in real life.

We selected 3 projects that all dovetail nicely with each other, the Gigging4living project that showcases new ways of making a living as a stage performer under a pandemic, the EntireTheatre project that shows how to use drama exercises to train entrepreneurship skills and finally the My-VA project that teaches how to build and plan a solopreneur business.

All three projects were relevant for the young students and performing professionals who took part in the event.

As a part of the presentation we conducted an Improv workshop where a lot of the drama exercises from the EntreTheatre training combo were put to the test and tried out.

We tried out the “Raft”, the “Energy circle” and played with the “Shapes” exercise. But we also tried out the “Follow the follower” and the “Columbian hand hypnosis”. Each time we discussed how these exercises might help to build and train the different skill sets and how these could be used in the labour market and as an entrepreneur.

The students were very engaged in the exercises and the professional stage actors and trainers who were attending got a copy of the Training Combo in print with a promise to send the Danish version as soon as it has been translated and published.

They were very impressed with the materials, and would start using it in their own work. Some even suggested that we send copies to the Actors Guild to let them set up a course for actors.

The Training Combo and the Guide book will be a ready-to-teach resource that can be used without any alteration to train entrepreneurship skills to anyone. The idea for any trainer with a bit of flair for the theatrical, to pick it up and start using it has hereby been passed on 🙂

The Multiplier event was a great success in all ways imaginable, and FO-Aarhus is very proud to have been part of the project. 30 people participated in the event.

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