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Did you know that theater is one of the best tools to boost your career?

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Article by Instalofi

Even if you have never thought about it, theater can help you develop business skills to improve communication, self-esteem, risk-taking, adaptability, teamwork, initiative, motivation, and many others.

This is why many companies decide to invest in theater education for their employees. To do so, they bring their employees together and put them on stage. The goal is to help them learn for themselves the advantages of using theatrical tools in a business context, so that they can then put them into practice in their own organizations.

To put these skills into practice, first of all, a warm-up is necessary. Participants should prepare themselves psychologically and perform breathing and relaxation exercises to prepare body and mind. Ice-breaking exercises should not be forgotten so that participants gain confidence in each other and can develop the following activities.

A good idea to create this atmosphere of relaxation to facilitate change is to perform the exercises with background music. This will create a team atmosphere, enhance inspiration and creativity and improve the physical, psychological, intellectual and social functioning of the participants.

In everyday work, our soft skills are of great importance. Although we do not work face to face with the public, our body posture, way of breathing, intonation, gestures, looks, etc. transmit information about us. Therefore, it is important to work on this self-learning of oneself and to observe and train our reactions to possible work situations. In addition, feedback from other participants will also be of great help in learning about other opinions and points of view.

Hence the importance of theater education for which it is necessary to seek creative and playful teaching methodologies that allow us to use this powerful pedagogical tool to enhance our entrepreneurial skills and provide entrepreneurs with innovative techniques, tips and good practices to start their business project.

Therefore, the Entretheatre project launches the training combo “Entretheatre: Building entrepreneurial skills through theatre” which aims to develop an inclusive, attractive and innovative training methodology to provide unemployed adults with entrepreneurial skills that will help them to reactivate their career, either as self-employed or to get their future employment, thus supporting their inclusion in the labor market.

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