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Theatre as the art of identification

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Article by Materahub

In theatre, actors and spectators create a suspended time where they can find  themselves looking for the meaning of life and their own identity. Through the investigation of reality and the sublimation of emotions, theatre becomes an instrument of analysis and research as well as a training tool for those who put themselves at stake and discover the self. On the stage, that perfect illusion as in the dream dimension is realized: through the stage performance, emotions turn to evoke and trigger that eternal man-life debate. According to Aristotelian tradition, to empathize is to suffer until the tensions felt are eliminated and cathartic pleasure is achieved.

The theatrical performance as a training tool fits into one of the many different techniques of non-formal education, in which both those who participate and those who lead the theatrical experience can be enriched with a broad cultural and emotional background, leading to the discovery of new skills and soft skills that can be spent in real life.

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