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The Theatre to improve my self-awareness

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Article by Materahub

A testimony by Carlo  – Actor in the “Company of the Young people” – Stabile Theatre of Umbria, Italy

It’s function was like television or newspaper for our world and for our times, in fact it had an important social and educational function, it represented the only way to educate people giving them a good education and civic sense.

Furthermore, the theatre told real events that happened in the past describing the bases of the society where people lived.

But now It isn’t the moment for storical mention or specific  notion on the theatre. In this small article, I would like to tell why theatre is so important for my personal life, for my person and how theatre helps me every day, not only in a theatre or in a scene during a show.

How theatre works in every aspect of my life makes me a different person in front of society and respects the other people that I know.

When you practice theatre or when you play a text the first thing that a teacher or a director tells you is to consider your work like a stream of awareness where every day, in every moment, you can make mistakes or not, but where every day you do something for your artistic growth.

Add to this idea there is another important concept: time.

Infact very often in the artistic world there isn’t much time to create or do something, it’s a continuous adjustment between goals and possibility.

Very often time is too short and the only way to do it is to concentrate on things in a simple but specifical methodology without too many words or unnecessary meetings.

Last but not least, is the possibility to see this sector as something where it is possible to make a good idea about himself and the possibility to make a good positive leadership where the context asks that.

In conclusion art and theatre can realize a good self – consciousness and can help us to see failure as something necessary for our empowerment and for our process to create something that could be real, practical and concrete for the society where we live.

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